Definition of a Key Account Networker

A Key Account Networker is general fulfilling the same tasks as a Key Account Manager. But the way of thinking and acting of a Key Account Networker is different and more orientated on the process. The goal is not only to increase the win and sales with the help of key customers – it is also to lay the foundation for this process. His strategic role becomes a crucial part for your company.

Advantages of an external Key Account Networker

At some point your employees might have become blind to shortcomings in company processes. Or they may be involved too much into their daily work so they can not be open towards new ideas and additional services. But this is only one side of the coin – on the other side there are complex international markets and legislations, which require specialized staff. This manpower might be very expensive, therefore it is recommended not to hire the specialist directly in the company but only as an expert for single cases.

The ability to take the broader view

Strategic thinking is important for the development of concepts and ideas. A Key Account Networker must not only know the own product but also needs the ability to evaluate suitable partners and their benefits for the company. Beside the knowledge about processes, production, sales and marketing of the company he also needs to be well informed about relevant competences of potential partners. And most important: he needs to know how these competences can be adapted within the own company.

Optimization of processes

A Key Account Manager is often dedicated to a single customer segment. A Key Account Networker on the other side is able to identify the efficiency and effectiveness of already existing cooperations and processes. Therefore he is able to recognize the potentials of a partner and provide these to the own company.

Creation of win-win-situations

A Key Account Networker is more focused on creating win-win-situations which is more likely to create a successful project. This also includes the circumstances that a Key Account Networker keeps track on shared business developments and business segments in collaboration with a partner.

How is a Key Account Networker working?

An example from our client: Wasco Energy

Wasco Energy is a global acting and leading provider of energy. The head office is located in Malaysia. The network of 17 worldwide located departments assures reliable and competitive products, services and solutions for the oil- and gas industry. In August 2016 the West Coatings GmbH has won a major project from Nord Stream 2 AG for the coating, storage and logistic of 90.000 pipes allocated in Mukran.

As a company focused on the secure supply of oil and gas, Wasco is not only responsible to deliver products and services on the highest level, but also to fulfill high quality standards, which ensure the quality of the products.

The goals: ensure environmental, health and safety issues within the company culture of Wasco Energy and to live up to a responsible management. The company aims to fulfill quality processes and guidances and exceed the expectations of the customer. These include:

  • ensuring visible and supporting engagement of the management concerning all matters of environmental, health and safety issues
  • ensure the compliance of regulations and the application of responsible standards
  • development of measurable goals within the environmental, health and safety issues as well as the evaluation and reporting of own performance in order to guarantee continuous improvements
  • identify risks for environmental, health and safety issues and reduce them create a safe environment for all employees and ensure skilled and trained staff
  • systematic and structured management for environmental, health and safety issues on basis of appropriate management systems

The task: A certification is necessary in line with the introduction of different employment protection laws. Especially with regard to the introduction of a new cutting tool, provided by a company from the US.

  • restructuring existing employment protections
  • updating existing certifications
  • analyze processes in order to improve health and employment protections
  • analyze processes in order to find potentials of improvement
  • training employees in the areas of employment and health protections
  • developing of register of hazardous substances
  • developing risk assessments
  • skilled worker for employment protection

Because of the complexity of the topic, Wasco Energy decided to cooperate with external service providers. Laue Consult was brought on board to make a selection of external service providers.

The solution:

Laue Consult was able to select six South German companies from its own data base. The companies were able to convert the cutting tools in order to meet employment protection laws. This allowed a certification of the cutting tools.

The result of a cooperation with Key Account Networker Holger Laue

In order to summarize the successful cooperation of Wasco and Laue Consult, we would like to quote the responsible HSE-Manager of Wasco Coating Germany GmbH:

"Dear Mr. Laue, … great that you are well versed with the acquisition of qualified service providers specialized on employment protection. And thank you for supporting us with your knowledge since more than six months. With your help we were able to find a professional contact person who is able to live up our expectations. Therefore we can highly recommend the cooperation with your company."