We are not only Key Accounters – we are your personal Key Account Network

You need an Account Manager for your company or a specific product? »Expert on demand« is a concept of Laue Consult and based on company networks and cooperations you can trust. We are not only Key Accounters – we are your personal Key Account Network. We take care of all procedures if you require qualified staff or special skills in your company.

Expert On Demand

Take care of your core capabilities – we take care of everything else

A more and more complex legislation may only have some side-effects on your company. But these effects may have such a strong impact on the success of your products, that you need professionell support to prevent wrong developments and loosing a lot of money. »Expert on demand« supports you with suitable solutions for your sales, distribution, logistics or technology sectors.


»Expert on demand« database

The Customer Relationship Management System is the heart of »Expert on demand«: We are able to provide you more than 38.500 partners and networks – a solution for every single demand of yours.

What we do:

  • 38.500 contacts to companies
  • contacts within every industry sector
  • daily expansion and update of the database
  • Germany, Europe and worldwide


sector competence

We know all important contacts in your industry. Our experiences and our business contacts help you to develop successful cooperations with perfect solutions for sales, distribution, logistics and technology.

Our emphases:

  • On- and Offshore
  • maritime industry
  • power station industry
  • steel manufactures
  • hydraulic engineering
  • chemistry and petrochemistry
  • engineer services
  • maintenance industry


developing new customer segments

There is this one missing component, this one service you can not offer within your company in order to enter new markets, get a major contract or win a strategic important customer?

What we do:

  • market research
  • find the perfect network of parters for you
  • negotiate the conditions
  • develop the contract


akquisition of new customers

Telephone marketing is essential for the acquisition of new customers. The key of good telephone marketing is the combination of expert knowledge, empathy and the ability to communicate on a personal level. Our team enters new markets, customers and sales.

What we do:

  • we call potential customers for you
  • we know the needy of your customers
  • we introduce your services and products
  • we enter new markets and regions


support of field workers

The hours of work of your field workers is precious. In order to support their work, we organize additional meetings while they meet your customers. So your field workers are able to concentrate on their job.

What we do:

  • we contact potential customers
  • we introduce your services, products and know-how
  • we arrange meetings with your customers


customer retention

You want to establish long-term relationships with your customers?

What we do:

  • contact your customers on a regular basis
  • we introduce your services, products and innovations


customer recovery

Loosing customers is a bad experience. The recovery of customers is worthwhile multiple times. We determine the weaknesses of your products or services.

What we do:

  • we qualify your customers and determine the potential of recovering them
  • we contact the customers you lost
  • we find out the reasons why you lost them



It is hard for your company to find specialized staff? You don’t have to know everything. You just have to know where to find it. Maybe in our database? »Expert On Demand« offers you solutions for every problem:

What we do:

  • help you to overcome the lack of specialized staff and to find a trustworthy specialist
  • help you to find external partners, who help you to concentrate on your main business
  • help you to find suitable and reliable suppliers and partners



Here you will find an example of how Laue Consult is working for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help or support: info@laue-consult.de

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How our customers experience our services

Claus-Peter Wohler, HSE site Manager, WASCO Coating Germany GmbH
I highly recommend the great cooperation with Laue Consult.


Rudolf Hensel GmbH
With the help of Laue Consult we were able to contact customers from the past and sign new contracts with them.


Torsten Ecks, owner, Ecks Marine
Remarkable is the excellent network of Laue Consult as well as the good and honest communication.


Gerald Brietzke, head of department Expert Technik & Service, Expert Technik GmbH
… the specified know-how and the contacts helped us to win professional partners and service providers.


Markus Asendorf,  executive Partner, Märtens Industrie-Service GmbH & Co.KG
The extensive network of Laue Consult helped us to conclude new projects and contracts.

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